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Horses for Sale 

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Quince GLF 


Quince GLF is 50% warmblood and 50% thoroughbred filly who has a sweet temperament and should mature around 16.1+hh. Great hunter prospect. Quince was site champion for the 2023. She was the high scoring premium foal and the judges were very complimentary on her confirmation and movement.


Lucky Union - Lulu

Coming Soon!

Lulu is an  8 year old thoroughbred mare. We bought her and bred her and decided to start her under saddle and give her a career. Bringing her along has been pleasant and incredibly easy! She will be looking for her new home once we figure out what direction to take her in. 

Charlies Angels1.jpg

Oakwood Farm Retirement Sale

Retirement Sale! My friend Lois, my breeding mentor and her husband Donnie are scaling back their business to retire and are offering a lot of their quality horses for sale. 

From Lois: "I have had the joy to breed, raise and sell TBs and Warmblood crosses for my entire adult life. But like all other good things, this too must end. It is time to reduce the herd to make sure we are physically able to take care of the few that we will be left with. As a breeder I have stood 5 or more stallions at a time and did all the handling of the stallions, mares and foals, but due to just getting older and having some new health issues we need to scale back our operation to just a few of our own and the wonderful boarders who we have here. Our breeding program goes back 5 generations and we have seen our foals grow up to be top level Eventers, Show Horses, Jumpers, Hunters, Barrel horses, Fox Hunters and so many well loved personal horses. Please scroll through our posts and see if there is a young horse, a middle-aged horse or possibly even a senior that you would consider giving a wonderful home to. We have suggested amounts that we think they are worth – very reasonable because our aim is to find our precious horses new homes before the worst of winter sets in, but we will entertain reasonable offers and will be happy to speak to you about the animal in question." 

Our phone # is 573-237-2657 and our email is Please realize we have been doing our best for a long time and we look forward to seeing all our lovely horses flourish in new homes.

Sold Horses


Pik Diadem​​​ - "Dia"


Chincoteague Pal​​​ - "Sampson"

download (1).jfif

Syringa​​​ - "Inga"


Conqueror - "Chica"

download (7).jfif

Champlain Mint - "Champ"

Cruise Willow - "Willow"



download (5).jfif

Speedwell - "Speedy"

download (8).jfif

Jazzabill - "Jazzy"


Bilt to Last - "Bilt"

download (3).jfif

Rushing Riviere - "Rivi"

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Golden Glow - "GiGi"

download (9).jfif

Cruise Ranger - "Ranger"

Ruggiero - "Reggie"


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