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Offered for Sale 

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Pik Diadem​​​ - SALE PENDING


Pik Diadem also known as Dia is a lovely 15'3 5-year-old Warmblood cross. We would love to see her excel in the hunter ring/home with her cute knees, rhythmic style, and character.


Champlain Mint - "Champ"


Champlain Mint is a 15.2' 6-year-old un-raced thoroughbred gelding. Champ has beautiful gaits and is currently jumping 2'6-2'9 courses and has the talent to go higher. Once his show career starts he will be entered in beginner novice and price will increase with show record.


Jazabill - "Jazzy"


Jazzy is a 15’1, 7-year-old, bay, thoroughbred, unraced gelding. Quiet, mellow, and is sweet as they come. Cute mover on the flat, natural dressage, and is currently jumping beginner novice courses. 




Sampson is 16 hands quiet, low mileage, gelding looking for a pleasure companion. Would be perfect for a husband horse, a rider stepping down to a trail riding, low level riding. 

Cruise Willow - "Willow"


Willow is an Irish Sport Horse who has tremendous potential for Jumping, Eventing, Hunter Derbys and field Hunting.  Willow is by Cougar who is by the Olympic showjumper ISH Cruising.  Willow will mature to over 17 hands and has been handled extensively as a foal.  


Bilt to Last - "Bilt"


Black Bay Gelding, 9 yrs, born 5/24/2013.  By Tapabill, out of Seine Seine, a mare by Seine Minstrel - who has sired dozens of event horses. He is perfect for an amateur or kid looking to get extensive mileage in eventing.  Lots of scope and desire to please. Eventing at BN and moving up to N late fall 2022. Congratulations to Courtney, on the purchase of Bilt. 

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Syringa - "Inga"


Inga is a 3/4 Warmblood, 1/4 TB filly by Sempatico out of Fleur Delacour, by Pik Raven Claw.  She has a lovely temperament and the best markings.  She is growing like a weed and should be at least 16'2"- 17.0" when fully grown.  She will be a wonderful partner for a rider who wants to do any disciple and have a head turning horse.  




 Jasper is 87% TB and 13% Paint and is a registered paint. Jasper comes from fabulous eventing lines. Jasper is currently 11 years old and is standing 16hh. Jasper is flashy and has great movement. Jasper is a dear to have in the barn and is lovely to work with. Congratulations to McKenzie, on the purchase of Jasper. Photo credit: Karin Belgrave

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Rushing Riviere - "Rivi"


Rivi is a super young prospect who will be a super horse for anyone who wants to reach the top of their class.  Congratulations Hiedi on your purchase of Rivi!


Conquerer - "Chica"


Chica, by  Contucci, (Hilltop Warmblood Sire) out of a cute quarter horse mare is available for sale. She has the BEST temperament and will make a wonderful riding horse. She could do any discipline. She is registered with Old/ISR. She’s two years old and will start being backed this summer/fall. Congratulations to Carrie on the purchase of Chica. 

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Speedwell - "Speedy"


Speedwell - "Speedy" - Born May 2017, with the potential to reach 16'2. Speedy is a lovely colt by Sternlicht who stands at Hilltop and passes the lovely top line and long legs that we see with Speedy.  Speedy is wonderful people oriented colt who loves to run and jump and then socialize with his people.  Bred to be an athlete, Speedy will make anyone a wonderful competition horse - hopefully in eventing.  Speedy will be weaned in November 2017 and ready to start the next phase of his life.

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Golden Glow - " GiGi" 


Golden Glow - "GiGi" is a filly born in 2015. She is Registered RPSI and was awarded a Silver Premium at her inspection in September of 2015. GiGi is 3/4 Thourobred and 1/4 warmblood of the Rubenstein Line. GiGi is a big girl who will finish 16'2" -16'3". She is conformation perfect with lovely legs, a well-set neck and a strong hind end with excellent angles. GiGi has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with. She stands for the farrier and loves to be groomed.  GigGi's sire is GoldMaker - a Cremello TB stallion that is very correct and athletic. GiGi's Dam is a bay mare who was awarded Premium Mare status at the RPSI inspection and was a Premium foal herself. GiGi has fabulous uphill movement. Congratulations Edyta on the purchase of Gigi!

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Cruise Ranger -"Ranger"


Cruise Ranger - "Ranger" 2014 ISH, gelding.  Should finish 16'3". 
Ranger is a stunning ISH who is by Cougar, who's sire is Cruising - one of Ireland's best show a Jumper.  You cannot breed to Cruising anymore and Cougar is a lovely stallion that passes talent to his offspring. Ranger's Dam is from a long line of TB 's that have excelled in Eventing. Cruising is one of the world's leading Event sires.  Ranger is well proportioned and a big mover and looks to be finishing around 16'3". Congratulations to Regina, on the purchase of Ranger. 

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Ruggiero - "Reggie" 


Ruggiero - "Reggie" was born in 2009. He is 16'1" and a gelding. Reggie is super special in that he is a twin!  He and his brother Rory were born on July 12th, 2009, and when little Rory slipped out after Reggie everyone was just amazed. Reggie has been handles since birth and is very bonded to his people. He was started as a 4-year-old and brought along slow and steady as it was evident that he was still growing. In the fall of his 5-year-old year we were able to start testing his abilities and he did not disappoint. He jumped through big grids at 3'9" with no effort at all. His flat work continues to develope and he is a sweet quiet ride. He has lovely big feet with great angles and excellent bone. He also has a wonderful mind and can be a joy to ride.  As a six-year-old he began his eventing career and has done very well and demonstrated how his selective breeding makes him a great competitor. Congratulations to Joe M. on his purchase of Reggie.

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Rory - Born 7/12/2009 - Warmblood Gelding.  15'2".  A lovely boy who defied all odds on being here. Rory is by Rodioso and out of Seinesational Miss - his Dam is a 3/4 sibling to Aurthor - who ran Advanced at Kentucky with Springer. Rory is a nice boy to ride. Has cross country schooled and is wonderful on a hack.  Just the best. We don't have enough time to ride Rory, so we are trying to find him that perfect forever home.  

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