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Pasture Board
At Galloping Lane Farm, we believe horses should live as close to how they would live in nature. To do this the majority of our horses, boarders and many of our own, live out in large pastures with herd mates. We do not mix mares and geldings and each group is carefully thought out and managed. We have found that the horses are happier and suffer less issues that you might see with stall bound horses. No matter what the weather the horses have the ability to move in and out of shelter and this seems to keep most pastures quiet and settled. We do have stalls in case one is needed for injury, but we try to limit the stall time for all the animals. 
Our Pasture Board is $575 monthly. 

Stall Board 
We do not always have stalls available, and we do not do individual turnout unless it is temporarily medically necessary. 

Boarders are responsible for any supplements for their horses, and they need to supply fly spray for their horse during the summer months since we will spray your horse daily.

You can use your own vet or farrier, but you would need to be present for their work on your horse. If you would like to utilize our farrier and vet, you can do that but may have to pay for our time to handle your horse if you are unable to come to the farm. Rare opportunities for training and foaling stalls as well. 

Our Stall Board is $725 in the Yellow Barn and $975 in the Blue Barn.

Trailer Parking - $25/ month
Blanketing Fee in the winter - $30/ month 

The farm is open 7 days a week and on holidays. 
We Believe people have the right to access their horse whenever they want, and we just ask that you be quiet if you come super early or late. 

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