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Custom Built Barn with Foaling Stalls
The Barn at Galloping Lane Farm is small but highly versatile. It is four stalls that can both be broken down into two broodmare stalls. We also have a satellite barn that can serve a quarantine and two extra stalls. But most of the time is serves as shelter for the horses turned out in adjacent pastures.  Every field has shelter for the horses and we make sure all the horses are healthy and happy morning, noon and night. 


GLF Indoor Arena
Our Indoor was finished in late 2019 and has 3 stalls that have Stable Comfort flooring in each stall.  Each stall also has a private 12' x 24' paddock off of it.  There is a tack room, feed room and hay loft in the new barn. We also have cameras on the stalls and the paddocks.


GLF Outdoor Arena All Weather Riding Arena ​
The riding ring at Galloping Lane Farm is 210' by 145'. Large enough to fit a short dressage ring on the short side and a full stadium course around the rest of the ring. Since the focus of our farm is Eventing we like to have the ability to have a dressage ring up and a stadium course up at the same time.  The ring has excellent drainage and a very solid base. The footing is a mixture of screenings, sand and shredded rubber. The ring surface is dragged and maintained all through the year.  


Cross Country Jumps ​
Around our riding ring are ditches, banks, coops, logs, black plastic pipes. We also have a water element that you can school your horse through to help them get over their apprehension of water. 


Round Pen​
Natural horsemanship cross over very well with classical horse training. The round pen is an excellent area to make a connection with a horse, build a relationship, an understanding, and introduce the idea of carrying a person. The nature of the round pen lends itself to creating a safe and conductive environment for training. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to lounge a horse. 


Turnout Sheds in all Fields​
All the fields have large turnout sheds that the horses can shelter in by their choice.  All sheds are designed for horses and are large and durable.

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