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Golden Glow

"Gigi" - ​2015 filly


Golden Glow - "GiGi" is a filly born in 2015. She is Registered RPSI and was awarded a Silver Premium at her inspection in September of 2015. GiGi is 3/4 Thourobred and 1/4 warmblood of the Rubenstein Line. GiGi is a big girl who will finish 16'2" -16'3". She is conformation perfect with lovely legs, a well-set neck and a strong hind end with excellent angles. GiGi has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with. She stands for the farrier and loves to be groomed. GigGi's sire is GoldMaker - a Cremello TB stallion that is very correct and athletic. GiGi's Dam is a bay mare who was awarded Premium Mare status at the RPSI inspection and was a Premium foal herself. GiGi has fabulous uphill movement. 

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